Reasonably Doubted is a place to showcase talent, so if you’re a rapper, singer, fashionista , or writer, and would like your work to be featured on our site please feel free to contact us. You may use the form below, or email RDMusicSubmissions@gmail[dot]com directly. Any submissions not sent to this email will be IGNORED ie: mentioning or DMing us on twitter.

  • Include the name you go by. Artist ex: Big Boi. Clothing Line ex: Atomic Art Avenger.
  • Include a brief bio of yourself that is no longer than 5 sentences.
  • Inspiration behind the work your submitting.
  • Include a way you can be reached to help grow your fan base ex: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc:.
  • For music we prefer that we get links to music that is uploaded to SoundCloud/BandCamp, because we can directly embed them to our site. Otherwise we have to post a link to where ever you uploaded it to. We also would like it if you included a tracklist if you are submitting a mixtape, LP, EP etc:
  •  For clothing lines include the name of the article of clothing, link to where it can be purchased, price, and of course a photo of the garment.
  • For writers please include a photo of yourself, title of the piece you’ve written, and in the subject line the type of work ex: “title of poem” by Your Name, “Review For ____ Album/Mixtape” by Your Name.


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