This is ACTUALLY what Kanye’s rants are about

If you HAVEN’T seen Kanye’s latest interviews with Sway and The Breakfast Club, I’m sure you’ve heard about them. What are Kanye’s rants and raves really about? Is he following a publicity stunt? Written By: Dxts 

Kanye’s walking around going on these rants that his peers don’t understand, but I know exactly what he’s talking about because I know a bit of history. I feel like when he said new slaves no one even thought about it. They all just jumped to conclusions. The only thing I have to criticize about Kanye’s plan though is the frame of what he’s trying to accomplish. His ideas are selfish, and that’s fine, but the way he’s going about things make them less rational goals.

When Kanye is talking about being a slave he’s referring to the idea of buying ourselves out. He references how there are 7 black billionaires out of the 1,426 there are total. This is like when slaves started freeing themselves by saving enough money to buy their own freedom. That is what Kanye is talking about, but if he’s only doing it for himself he’s going the wrong way. See Jay-Z is on his way to buying his own freedom, and he’s doing it how the slaves did it; He’s playing by the rules, and following what the “master” says. This is one of the most ground-in concepts in Black America. We all think “white is good”. We think wearing suits is more dignified than wearing what we want. How about this example:


Tie vs. Du-rag:

One is considered professional, and sometimes over-the-top, and the other is pretty much always inappropriate, but which one is actually functional?


If you don’t see what that has to say about race let’s talk about a trait specific to blacks. Black hair is unprofessional. I don’t mean that in general it is, but once it grows for let’s say a month; A black person’s hair needs to be cut, or deteriorated to make it look more “professional”, but what that means is we have to make ourselves look as close to white as we can to succeed.


I could also point out how we look down on attempts to do it our way with rap, or sports, but following the college route just so you could aspire to be an employee to a white-owned corporation is the most noble thing to do.


To get back to it. Kanye is forgetting something. It’s something that Jay-Z strayed from a while ago, but Kanye is now about to go down the same path. The option the slaves didn’t have to free themselves was to make money elsewhere. If all the slaves had a network to buy, and sell from each other they could reach the same plateau to buy themselves out of slavery, but it would have to be a unified motion to make sure everyone’s in the right mind-state. This is one of the economic rules that in the end doesn’t seem too fulfilling in macro, and micro applications. Kanye is saying that he wants to be the corporation while begging for the corporation’s backing. He asked DJ Envy “Could you guarantee your daughter has a job at this radio station when she’s older?” What Kanye completely overlooked is that he can’t guarantee that his daughter would have a job at Nike, Adidas, or any of the corporations he’s asking for backing from. He’s also in a way running around the plantation telling the other slaves that it’s possible to free themselves, showing that he’s pretty much not going to help them, but needs their help to free himself. This doesn’t make sense in the end. Again Macro vs. Micro.

In general Kanye is thinking much smaller than he thinks he is. What he won’t admit is that he’s afraid to start something from the bottom because it will flop. At this point he needs to understand that these corporations start from the absolute bottom to reach those billion dollar statuses. The meetings he has with Tisci, or the heads of LVMH aren’t anything but meetings. The plan he’s setting up for is to inspire all the slaves to free ourselves, but the plan he thinks he has is one to free himself. He simply needs to think a little bigger, and with less fear of failure.


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