New Music: Wishlade “You Don’t Care A Bit” Instrumental Album

Now I don’t know when Wishlade’s water broke and he went into labor and started pushing, but today he has finally given birth to his first “baby” that has literally been incubating  for well over three years. The child’s name is “You Don’t Care A Bit”. He’s somehow managed to infuse what I refer to as the “Street Lights” effect into all nine tracks. Something about it just takes you to that place where you’re almost forced to self reflect (Perfect example “of this is “Top Back”, my personal favorite off the album at the moment).  This is a perfect soundtrack for that long drive home after being over worked and under paid at your crappy job type of music. It’s just you and the road, yet for some reason the the street lights seem to reflect that little glimmer of hope that’s inside that tomorrow will be a better day.  Ready to explore the creative mind that is Christopher Wishlade? Go ahead and hit play. Also if you’re going to be in the South Florida area tomorrow come through to the official release party (details can be found on the Facebook event page here).


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