New Clothing Line: Royal Minorities


I had the opportunity to chat with Sam Jules, co-founder of an up-coming clothing line Royal Minorities. Sam states that he purchased the brand in August 2013 and saw a great vision behind the line. “It’s a dope clothing line that I believe can actually become something with support and love from others”. Royal Minority is a casual, urban, all-American lifestyle brand of clothing that is synonymous with elegance. Royal Minority clothing takes every approach to ensure all of its products transpire for fit, feel & royal quality. Check out the interview to see what the brand is all about. – Drea 


imageAG: How did Royal Minority come to be?


SL: Royal Minority was established in 2011, but wasn’t originally founded by myself. It was founded by my friend Robert Ravelli.


AG: What is each of your contributions to the clothing line? Yourself and your partner- do you each have specific responsibilities?


SJ: We both have specific responsibilities, he’s cofounder/ editor so he comes up with quotes, ideas, photos ect. and then he brings them to me where we both put our minds together to finally come up with a result. Also I tend to network and promote Royal Minority.




AG: Awesome, who are some of your favorite clothing lines right now?


SJ: I personally wear a lot of 8&9 Clothing, I love Diamond Supply and of course my own clothing line.


AG: 8&9 is dope! Where do envision Royal Minority to be in the next two to three years?


SJ: Hopefully in your local skate shop lol , but seriously I hope to expand online. Everything is based off the internet and I hope in the next 2-3 years our online base will be off the charts.


AG: Is skating a big influence on the brand?


SJ: No. I feel mostly skateboarders now a days wear t-shirts. Everyone is into the whole jean jacket, baseball tee look and the graphic shirt era is slowly dying. I envision to bring it back though so that everyone can learn to appreciate the brand. Thugs, skateboarders, preppy girls and so forth.


AG: Is there any celebrity you look to for style guidance?


SJ: Surprisingly yes, Tyler the Creator and Big Sean.


AG: If you could chose one artist to represent a shirt from Royal Minority in one of his/her music video who would it be?


SJ: Im gonna have to go with J. Cole for the simple fact that were basically in the same boat. Both starting from the bottom on our way to the come up.


AG: What makes Royal Minority different from other urban brands?


SJ: RM is different because of the concepts we choose. Every shirt is different every design is different from the other, no shirt will have a resemblance.



AG: Do you feel that fashion plays a big part in hip-hop culture? Why/Why not?


SJ: Yes. Hip-hop is based on music but also based on image, Chris Brown had a big influence on Pink Dolphins line.


AG: So without giving us too much details, what are some upcoming concepts and designs we can expect from RM?


SJ: Winter is around the corner so you will definitely expect a crew neck, jacket and beanies at a reasonable price. As far as designs though, I will say that they wont be from this day and age.



AG: Awesome I love me some beanies, lol lastly I need ALL the info for RM where people can purchase, follow etc.


SJ: We encourage people to checkout our site at

the website has all the information on there

FB: Royal Minority


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