New Music: 2 Chainz “Feds Watching” Feat. Pharrell

feds-watching 2 chainz

This beat is smooth not sure if I exactly like the song all the way just yet though. 2 Chainz new album will be out September 10th.


One response to “New Music: 2 Chainz “Feds Watching” Feat. Pharrell

  1. I think your list is a little miesdiugd. Rather than looking at who or what we perceive our generations Madonna or U2 to be, for example, the focus should be looking at what we are building musically, rather than what we’re building on. We shouldn’t define this generations musical innovations (or lack thereof) by how it relates to what people have already done. I think the only deviation here is in the realm of classical music in its differences from the world of pop music come the obvious reasons for it’s exception.SPEAKING OF POP MUSIC. I think this list is a little saturated. It might seem diverse, but in reality it represents a very limited scope, much smaller than you admit. Outside of, maybe, the Black Keys and NYP, every act you’ve listed makes their music for basically the same audience, and while it might be the perceived largest audience, making a playlist of the music that succeeds on the charts isn’t really an honest approach to a project like this. At the end of the day, the mainstream has become just another sub-culture. That’s one of the biggest contributions that the internet has made to this country’s musical landscape. It’s no more important or influential than the punk or metal cultures, which are absent here. A lot of the stuff on your list wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t marketable first and possessing any kind of integrity second (or third, or never, in some cases). In the interest of not rambling, I’ll just say this: A lot of the material listed here is only elevated to that point because, ultimately, the people with the money and the connections thought it should be. Again, it’s not honest.Too late on the rambling part though, I suppose.Ok I’m going to stop now but I’ll probably be thinking about it for the rest of the day nonetheless.Happy trails.

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