Album Review: CrackKillz Da God “G.O.D Bless You”

gob bless you crackkillzI’ll be honest with you, alternative hip-hop with a little twist of neo-soul and a dash of jazz is MY type of hip-hop and CrackKillz delivers just that. BUT, just when I think I know what to except, CrackKillz turns around and surprises me within this element of music. From witty lyrics to laid back beats, their sound is something unique and colorful. With eighteen tracks there’s tons of content on their latest album “G.O.D Bless You”. Lyric wise, you can expect ruthless punchlines, honest stories and some well deserved cocky statements after all, they are the self proclaimed Greatest Out Detroit. I was fortunate enough to discover CrackKillz via twitter a couple months back and was hooked after I heard “The Beautification Project” which was a tease and a half leaving me anxious to hear their next project.

I rarely hear dope music like this from Detroit so I’m glad that these guys are putting their state back on the map. There are some tracks on this album that kind of hit you out of left field like the controversial and political “Xpac” and dark “Bop City”. None the less these tracks do not sound out of place, it a fluid transition that wakes you up from their previous projects. I appreciate the diversity on each track and the approach to every bar. Is it too much to say that some tracks on here actually came off to me as inspirational? Nothing but positivity on songs like “No Longer A Dream” and “If They Say”. Reminding me to use my intuition, the world is mine and to keep dreaming till I reach my goals. I think we all need this reminder every once in while. The mixing on this project sounded effortless and huge kudos to the producers. Seems like CrackKillz has got a solid team behind them and a distinct concept of flow and sound. Overall listening to this project made me feel close and more personal to them, yearning to see them live.

My favorite tracks include “Don’t Make Me Fall In Love” and “Willie Beamen”.

My rating: 8/10.

Stay connected follow CrackKillz and the rest of the crew on twitter: @CrackKillz @ScootieMCB

Make sure to listen & download: G.O.D. Bless You

Written By: @dreafool


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